Chicken Price In Moti Nagar-1Kg


290.00 410.00

We have lots of options, and we always make sure your chicken is fresh. Just click to order with GD’s Meat & More in Moti Nagar and enjoy cooking with the best chicken around!

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    Looking for great chicken deals in Moti Nagar that won’t hurt your wallet? You’re in the right place! At GD’s Meat & More Punjabi Bagh, we offer super affordable chicken prices to satisfy your hunger without spending too much money.

    Product Description:

    Affordable and Delicious: At GD’s Meat & More Punjabi Bagh, we have the best chicken that’s both tasty and easy on your budget. You can enjoy yummy chicken dishes without spending too much.

    Always Fresh: Our chicken is always fresh and full of flavor. We take special care to make sure you get the best chicken every time you shop with us.

    Lots to Choose From: Whether you want chicken for curry, grilling, or making soup, we have all kinds of chicken cuts and types for your cooking needs.

    Clean and safe: We make sure our chicken is handled and stored in a clean and safe way. That means you get chicken that’s safe to eat.

    Trusted Provider: People trust GD’s Meat & More Punjabi Bagh because we’re known for giving you good-quality meat. We always work hard to give you the best.

    Why pay more for chicken when you can get great chicken at affordable prices? Visit GD’s Meat & More Punjabi Bagh in Moti Nagar today and enjoy delicious chicken dishes without emptying your wallet. We believe everyone should have good food without spending too much, and we’re here to make that happen.

    Come on over and discover the joy of cooking with fresh, affordable chicken. Your taste buds and your savings will thank you!


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