Desi Eggs-6 Pcs


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Desi eggs, also known as native eggs or country eggs, are laid by hens that are raised in a free-range environment. They are typically fed a diet of natural foods, such as grains, insects, and vegetables. Desi eggs are known for their rich flavor and nutritional value

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    Desi Eggs: The Natural Marvels at GD’s Meat & More

    When it comes to wholesome and natural goodness, Desi Eggs stand as a testament to pure, unadulterated nutrition. At GD’s Meat & More in Punjabi Bagh, we take pride in offering you the finest Desi Eggs, brimming with the essence of rural India.

    The Essence of Purity

    Desi Eggs, also known as country eggs, are far removed from the commercialized world of egg production. These eggs are laid by indigenous Indian breeds of hens that roam freely, forage naturally, and lead a healthy life. As a result, Desi Egg are untainted by artificial feeds and chemicals.

    Desi Eggs Near You

    At GD’s Meat & More, we understand the significance of Desi Eggs in your daily nutrition. That’s why we ensure that you can easily find fresh Desi Egg near you. Our store in Punjabi Bagh is well-stocked with these gems of rural India, ensuring you have access to them whenever you need.

    Desi Eggs Price and Quality

    We believe in providing you with the best quality Desi Egg at a fair price. Each egg is carefully selected to meet our stringent quality standards, so you can enjoy the wholesome taste and nutrition that only Desi Egg can offer.

    A Taste of Tradition

    Desi Eggs are more than just food; they are a taste of tradition. With their rich, golden yolks and distinct flavor, they can transport you back to the flavors of yesteryears, reminding you of the simple and authentic taste of India.

    Health Benefits Galore

    Desi Egg are not just about taste; they are packed with health benefits. They are a great source of high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. The natural diet and lifestyle of the hens result in eggs with higher nutrient content, making them an excellent choice for your well-being.

    Experience Desi Goodness

    Discover the natural marvels of Desi Egg at GD’s Meat & More. Whether you prefer them boiled, fried, or as part of your favorite dishes, our Desi Egg promise a culinary experience like no other. Visit our store or order online to bring the essence of rural India to your table.

    Embrace Wholesome Nutrition with GD’s Meat & More

    Desi Eggs represent the essence of natural and unprocessed nutrition. GD’s Meat & More is committed to providing you with the best of what rural India has to offer. Experience the purity and taste of Desi Egg by visiting our store or ordering online from GD’s Meat & More, Punjabi Bagh, today!


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