Kadaknath Egg-6 Pcs.


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Kadaknath egg meat is the meat of a rare breed of chicken known for its black meat and health benefits. It is a good source of protein, low in fat, and high in iron. Kadaknath egg meat can be used in a variety of dishes, such as curries, kebabs, and roasts.

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    Kadaknath Egg : The Culinary Delight at GD’s Meat & More

    At GD’s Meat & More in Punjabi Bagh, we’re excited to introduce you to the unique and exquisite world of Kadaknath Eggs. These ebony jewels are more than just eggs; they are a culinary delight that embodies tradition and flavor.

    The Distinctive Kadaknath Egg

    Kadaknath Eggs come from the rare and indigenous Kadaknath breed of chickens, known for their striking black appearance. These eggs carry the heritage of centuries, hailing from the heart of India. The rich, dark shells of Kadaknath Eggs encase a taste and nutrition profile that’s truly extraordinary.

    Kadaknath Eggs Near You

    We understand that experiencing the remarkable taste of Kadaknath Eggs should be convenient. That’s why GD’s Meat & More ensures that you can easily find Kadaknath Eggs near you in Punjabi Bagh. Our store is your gateway to these culinary treasures.

    Kadaknath Egg Price and Quality

    We believe that true excellence should be accessible to all. That’s why we offer Kadaknath Eggs at a fair price without compromising on quality. Each egg is meticulously selected to meet our rigorous standards, ensuring you receive only the best.

    A Taste Beyond Compare

    Kadaknath Eggs have a taste that sets them apart. Their robust flavor and creamy texture make them a favorite among food enthusiasts. Whether you prefer them boiled, poached, or as an ingredient in your favorite dishes, Kadaknath Eggs bring a distinctive taste to your plate.

    Nutrition Beyond Imagination

    Beyond their extraordinary taste, Kadaknath Eggs offer exceptional nutritional value. They are packed with high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. The deep, rich color of the yolk signifies the higher nutrient content, making them an ideal choice for those seeking wholesome nutrition.

    Kadaknath Murga Eggs

    Kadaknath Murga Eggs, derived from mature Kadaknath roosters, offer a unique twist to this culinary adventure. With their larger size and intense flavor, they are a gourmet’s dream.

    Embrace Exclusivity with GD’s Meat & More

    Kadaknath Eggs and Kadaknath Murga Eggs are culinary treasures that deserve a place in your kitchen. At GD’s Meat & More, we take pride in offering you these exclusive delights. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or someone looking to elevate their daily meals, these eggs promise a taste experience like no other.

    Experience Excellence Today

    Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the exceptional flavors of Kadaknath Eggs and Kadaknath Murga Eggs. Visit our store or order online from GD’s Meat & More, Punjabi Bagh, and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates tradition, flavor, and nutrition.

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    1. Anil

      nice product.

    2. Anil

      wooo ! what a lamb brain , so soft and juicy and so much fresh ….

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